more bypass protein

Soy Best supplied more protein than other branded bypass products... more

Most digestible

Soy Best bypass protein was more digestible in the intestine than other branded bypass products...more

High levels of milk production require a high plane of nutrition.

Now Soy Best Delivers Two Ways

Soy Best has been helping producers and nutritionists meet the demands of high-producing dairy cows with proven profitable bypass protein since 1958. Now nutritionist and dairy producers can choose between two formulations:

Original Soy Best with fresh soy gums and now Soy Best "L" – the only high-bypass soybean meal available with rumen-protected lysine mixed right in.

No matter which formula you use, cows love the taste. Research shows Soy Best is more palatable than other products. And we've made sure Soy Best is also more digestible in the lower gut than other products. Here's the proof.

It all adds up to a simple, cost-effective solution that's proven to get results.

Our Process is Patented! Click here to find out more.

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