What is Soy Best “L”?

Soy Best “L” is Soy Best that has been fortified with rumen-protected lysine. It is used as an economical way to meet the lysine requirement of lactating dairy cows.

Soy Best “L” is manufactured by inserting rumen-protected lysine into fresh soy gums and applying the gums onto Soy Best according to a patented process.

Lysine is a limiting amino acid for milk production in high-producing dairy cows. With its elevated lysine content, Soy Best “L” can be used to balance rations for high milk production at a lower cost compared to other feed ingredients.

In some rations, a combination of Soy Best and Soy Best “L” can be the most economical wat to meet the cow’s requiements for metabolizavle protein and metabolizable lysine.