What is Soy Best?

Soy Best is high bypass soybean meal made with our all-natural, patented extraction process. No chemical solvents!

Our all-natural process of mechanical extraction carefully controls the cooking temperature of our soybeans for optimum rumen protein bypass and nutrient availability. By “cooking” our soybean meal, we are able to destroy negative nutritional factors such as trypsin inhibitors or molds, which lower nutrient availability and may cause potential herd problems.

The extracted crude oil is degummed and the fresh soy gums are applied onto the meal by a patented process.

bypass protein.

From high bypass protein to high palatability to high milk and milk components production, Soy Best has always done the job. In research published in the Journal of Dairy Science, Soy Best supplied more bypass protein than other products.

Soy lecithin, phosphatidyl-choline and other phospholipids are applied onto the meal with Soy Best’s Patented Application Technology. Research shows that these nutrients behave like rumen-protected fat – resulting in even more bypass protein and other nutrients with excellent intestinal digestibility.

Cows have responded in university research trials with more milk, more milk components, more feed intake and improved efficiency.

In some rations, a combination of Soy Best and Soy Best “L” can be the most economical way to meet the cow’s requirements for metabolizable protein and metabolizable lysine.

For Thiele Dairy, the proof of how well Soy Best fits their Nebraska dairy operation is how little time they spend thinking about it.

“Soy Best does the job,” Ron Thiele says. “We don’t question it anymore.”

“Thiele Dairy has been feeding Soy Best to their milk cows and younger cattle for more than five years. The dairy continues to grow and Soy Best continues to meet their needs. Currently the dairy heard numbers 725 cows. Theile Dairy, at over 27,000 pounds rolling herd average, has one of the highest producing heads in the state of Nebraska. That breaks down to 1,000 pounds of fat and 950 pounds of protein with a somatic cell count under 150,000.

The quality, consistency and palatability of Soy Best High Bypass All Natural Soybean Meal is a key to the high level of satisfaction and dairy experiences.

“We rely heavily on Soy Best, and the people at Grain States who make Soy Best provide us with the constant quality product and inventory control we need.”

Ron Thiele, Thiele Dairy - Nebraska

Ron Gibson puts his trust in Soy Best to meet the bypass protein requirements for his Utah dairy herd. Not once in more than three years has Soy Best “L”et him down.

“There’s quite a few bypass protein sources on the market. Soy Best is the best bypass protein source I’ve found for economics and quality,” he says.

Consistency is what earned Gibson’s business — he never has to worry about cows going off-feed or milk production suffering. “Every load has the same quality,” Gibson says. That consistency is critical for Gibson who grinds his own ration of Soy Best, cotton seed and flaked corn on his farm.

And he’s found the product to be reasonably priced, especially when he compares the price per pound of Soy Best to pounds of milk produced. “Every ingredient in the ration has to pay for itself these days. And Soy Best does just that.”

“Soy Best is a good product. It fits well in our system.”

Wayne, Ron and Kerry Gibson , Green Acres - Odgen, Utah

As the number of dairy cows has grown in the Magic Valley of southern Idaho, so has the interest in including soy products in the ration. Soy Best(r) fits many dairy operations well.

Jess Argyle, a nutritional consultant with Standard Nutrition, works with 45 dairies in south central and eastern Idaho, and into northern Utah. About 75 percent of those clients rely on Soy Best to provide the bypass protein for their cows. Some have the product shipped directly to their dairies, others have Soy Best shipped in protein blends.

“Soy Best is a good quality product,” Argyle says. “It’s consistent and I get results with it.”

Argyle uses the spread sheet method when comparing Soy Best to other sources of bypass protein. “We look at the cost per unit of protein, the cost per unit of energy and the cost per unit of bypass protein,” he explains. “Then we look at what’s available on the market and how well that fits in.”

In 1999, soy products – particularly Soy Best – fit in very well. Even with the cost of Soy Best increasing significantly in 2000, many dairies continue to use Soy Best T because it is palatable and works well for them.

And Argyle is seeing a change in how his clients look at feed costs. In today’s economic climate, many are looking for the most efficient ration – and that’s not necessarily the least cost ration. Since bypass protein costs more than the soluble protein sources, we need to be able to justify the increase in feed costs by increasing milk production and milk protein, he says. The only way to measure the value of a product is to calculate income over feed costs.

“With milk prices down, we’ve got to get every pound of milk out of every pound of feed,” Argyle says. Feeding quality products, like Soy Best, is often the key to maximizing production.

Another selling point for his clients is the consistency – both in terms of quality and supply. “I’ve never had problems getting product out here,” Argyle says.

Jess Argyle , Standard Nutrition - Jerome, Idaho