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Dairy Best Soy Oil

Dairy Best Soybest Soybean oil is high quality with very tight specifications. It is ideally suited for mixing in dairy formulations, premixes and supplements.

Dairy Best Soybest Soybean Oil is produced by Grain States Soya. Grain States’ commitment to quality means a clean, refined high energy vegetable fat source for dairy formulations. Specifications for Soybest Soybean Oil are very stringent and consistently maintained. Soybest Soybean Oil is delivered to your fat system at a temperature that conserves your system’s energy and keeps this fat fluid for application to rations.

Since the 1950’s liquid fats have been fed successfully in livestock rations. With the emphasis on increased production, it is important to realize that quality liquid fats (Soybest Soybean Oil) can be used very economically to supply concentrated energy to dairy feeds, as long as they are fed at levels that will not affect rumen function.*

Dairy rations usually contain 3-5% fat in total dry matter. Concentrates are 3-4% fat but only about 80% is fatty acids and utilizable. Forages contain only 2-3% fat with only about half of this in the form of fatty acids and usable fat.

You can expect best results with 6 to 8% total fat in the ration dry matter or about one (1) lb of additional fat in the ration. Additions above this level of liquid fat can reduce fiber digestibility and lower milk fat tests.


  • Provide Energy to Improve Weight Gain
  • Provide Extra Energy to Improve Feed Efficiency
  • Reduce Dustiness and Wind Loss of Ration
  • Increase Energy Density – No Effect on Rumen
  • Improves Palatability – Increases Feed Intake
  • Provide Concentrated Energy to Aid in Overcoming Heat and Cold Stress
  • Improve Carcass Quality

Product Specifications

Total Fatty Acid
90.00% Min.
Moisture .25% Max.
.25% Max.
Unsaponifiable .50% Max.
Total MIU 1.00% Max.
Free Fatty Acid
1.00% Max.
Stability --- AOM 20 Hours Plus
  TDN – 184%
NEL – 2.65 (Mcal/lb)
NEM – 2.65 (Mcal/lb)
NEG – 2.65 (Mcal/lb)

Typical Fat Structure

C 16 Palmitic 11.5%
C 18 Stearic 4.0%
C 18 - 1 Oleic 24.5%
C 18 - 2 Linoleic 53.0%
C 18 - 3 Linolenic 7.0%

Directions for Use

Feed Dairy Best Soybest Soybean Oil at rate of one (`1) lb. (450 g) per cow per day as long as production exceeds 50 lbs. (27.9 kg.) per head per day. Dairy Best Soybest Soybean Oil may be fed throughout lactation if desired.

* Consult your nutritionist to develop optimum balanced rations for top production. If you don’t have a nutritionist, our nutritionist is available.

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