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Soy Oil

Why Soy Oil?

Fat contributes to both biological and physical improvements of feed. Soy oil is a highly concentrated source of feed energy. Its caloric value is the major reason for its increased use. The special processing of soybean oil provides a fat source that is resistant to rancidity. Vegetable fats are more digestible than animal fats, and are beneficial thanks to the presence of significant levels of the fatty acid, linoleic acid.

All-Natural Soybean Processing

Grain States Soya, Inc., has manufactured “Old Process” or expeller soybean meal since 1958. Years of developing this unique processing technique resulted in the introduction of Soy Best®, a high protein and energy product that meets the nutritional demands of high producing livestock.

Now, Grain States has introduced Soy Best Soybean Oil – a pure, all-natural, high quality, consistent fat that is highly digestible and does not present a problem with rancidity. Soy Best Soybean Oil has very low MIU’s and FFA’s. That means it is an excellent, koser-certified, non-animal, high-energy fat source for all livestock formulation programs.

Only heat, pressure and centrifugal separation are used to manufacture our all-natural Soy Best Soybean Oil and Soy Best.

All-Natural Soy Oil in Livestock Feeds – The Natural Choice

The advantages of adding supplemental fat to livestock rations has been proven through research that shows:

  • Profitable livestock operations require high-energy rations.
  • Progressive dairy operations require high-energy, palatable formulations to maximize dry matter intake, milk production and reproductive efficiency.
  • Cow-calf beef production benefits from soy oil supplement diets in numerous ways.
  • Beef feedlot operations using soy oil find improved ration palatability, dry matter intake, feed efficiency and carcass characteristics.
  • Profitable swine operations benefit from soy oil in the diets of sows, baby pigs and grow/finish pigs.
  • Poultry operations (layer, broiler and turkey) are more profitable with Soy Oil added to their diet.

Feed All-Natural Soy Best Soybean Oil

Progressive livestock operations are turning to soybean oil to improve the productivity of their operation.

Soy Oil For Dairy

  • Increase caloric density of ration
  • Improve milk production
  • Improve heifer development and pregnancy rates
  • Improve ration palatability
  • Increase absorption of ration nutrients
  • Improve cold and heat tolerance

Soy Oil For Cow/Calf Beef

  • Increase cold tolerance of newborn calves
  • Improve heifer development and pregnancy rates
  • Improve rebreeding time of calving females
  • Increase weaning weights of calves
  • Aid in stretching limited forage supplies
  • Improve body condition

Soy Oil For Feedlot Cattle

  • Increase rate of gain
  • Improve feed efficiency
  • Improve ration palatability
  • Decrease dustiness and wind loss of ration
  • Improve carcass quality
  • Provide an all-natural fat source

Soy Oil For Swine

  • Improve sow reproduction and condition
  • Increase baby pig survival
  • Increase the number of pigs weaned per litter
  • Improve rate of gain and feed efficiency
  • Increase sow conception rate in decreased time
  • Decrease dust loss of feed

Soy Oil For Poultry

  • Increase egg mass
  • Improve egg production
  • Decrease feed dust
  • Improve utilization of feed nutrients
  • Increase rate of gain
  • Improve feed efficiency
  • Improve carcass characteristics

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