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For almost 50 years, our fine company has been helping producers and nutritionists meet the demands of high-producing dairy cows - with high-bypass protein that's easy to feed and easy to see results. Today we're pleased to report that no other soybean meal comes close. Here's why:

Mark R. Knobbe
Our all-natural process of mechanical extraction carefully controls the cooking temperature of our soybeans for optimum nutrient availability. By "cooking" our soybean meal, we are able to destroy negative nutritional factors such as trypsin inhibitors or molds, which lower nutrient availability and may cause potential herd problems. 

What's more, we recently introduced new-process Soy Best, which includes fresh soy gums - as well as lecithin, phosphatidyl-choline and phospholipids. These natural soy nutrients behave like rumen-protected fat and act to increase protein bypass and amino acid bypass for dairy cows even more, when included in a Total Mixed Ration (TMR). 

New-process Soy Best was put to the test in a research trial at West Virginia University and the University of Minnesota, where it was found to have a bypass protein rate of 73.3% - much higher than the old Soy Best. When compared to other protein ingredients, new-process Soy Best had the highest intestinal digestibility in that same trial.

Basically, when you choose Soy Best, you're investing in the best high-bypass protein solution available today. If you have any questions about the information on this Web site, or if you'd like to learn more, we're ready to help.

In particular, Dr. Charlie Macgregor, Soy Best nutritionist, would be happy to visit with you or with your nutritionist about your particular operation. Feel free to call him (1-360-631-2112) or me (1-800-422-4697) any time.

Mark R. Knobbe, CEO
Grain States Soya

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